Where to Get a Car Insurance Quote?

We are no longer in the 90ies, everybody has access to broadband Internet these days and we do a lot of shopping online. Little do some know that you can buy an auto insurance policy online, from the comfort of your living room or office, without leaving your comfortable chair! Here is a brief guide on where to get a car insurance quote.

Decide on what you need

Evaluate your needs and see how much insurance you really need. If you already have an insurance policy don't necessarily assume that whatever was fit for you last year is still a viable option. You may drive more (or less), you may have bought a new car or your kids may have their own insurance policies by now. Prices have changed, your budget too, so you will want a reassessment of your insurance needs.

Find a good auto insurance comparison site

Insurance aggregators bring offers from various companies right in front of your eyes. Rather than "googling" for insurance services in your area, you can have all information on one page.

Fill in all information

Don't miss any detail just because you thought it would be irrelevant. Information like the manufacturing year of your car or the average number of miles you drive every year could have a strong impact on the quote you are about to receive. Fill in all information truthfully and as accurately as you can. Lying in your application will not only void your policy, but you could also be charged with attempted fraud.

Compare offers head to head

Always make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Don't be tricked into analyzing two offers that don't have the same specifications – you might then think that one of the deals is much cheaper and more advantageous even though it offers much less coverage.

Make sure the offer is still on

A lot of these insurance aggregators 'forget' to update quotes from the various companies they work with. Companies, in their turn, may omit to update their prices on some of the comparison sites they work with. Once you have found something that looks good, contact the company and see if the deal is still on. Mention where you got the information from and ask them to match the price if they don't offer the same package anymore. You may even land on a better deal than on the website!

Check payment options

Even though this shouldn't necessarily be a criterion, your designated insurer should accept as many payment options as possible. Even though you may want to mail in the checks at the due dates, expect the unexpected – what if you are out of town that day or just can't make it to the post office? Credit card payments, as well as ACH, are always a nice addition.