Cheapest Cities for Car Insurance

There are more than 250 million vehicles in the United States, and the figures are on their way up. Given the end of the recession and economic growth predictions, experts forecast more than 14 million units to be sold in 2012. With an ever growing number of vehicles on the market and a rather constant number of insurance vendors, prices are slowly but steadily going up. And since a policy is required by law, we should all be looking for the most affordable ways to get insured without breaking the bank. This article will present you with the cheapest cities to get car insurance in.

Wapakoneta, Ohio

With a population of around 10,000, Wapakoneta is a small city that holds the absolute record for the cheapest city for auto insurance – an average of only $865 a year. A negative job growth of more than 2% (versus the -0.12% national average), together with a future job growth prediction of a few percent points lower than the national forecasts, an income per capita of less than $24,000 and around 33% of the population working in production, transportation and material moving make Wapakoneta a less than fortunate city to live in, hence the low cost of living.

Fairfield, Ohio

The second cheapest city to get insured in is also in Ohio. The average yearly car insurance premium is of only $951, which is stunningly low if we are to compare it with, let's say, premiums in Detroit which may rise to $6,000. Fairfield is an all-together cheap town to live in. The median income per household is in the range of $55,000, a bit higher than the state average, yet nothing to be impressed of. Houses in Fairfield are cheap – a detached home costs much less than $200,000, while a townhome in a 5+ unit structure can be as cheap as $75,000. The average yearly car insurance premium is of $951, which makes Fairfield the second cheapest city for car insurance.

But wait, that's not it!

There are three more places that don't go over then $1,000/year mark for the standard liability insurance – Portland, Oregon with $953, Roanoke, Virginia with $964 and Lafayette, Louisiana with an average of $981/year. They are small towns, have low accident rates and, all in all, the supply and demand mechanisms have lead to such low prices.

When shopping around for the cheapest car insurance packages, don't necessarily take the above figures for granted. They are only averages that should give you a rough indicator on how much you would have to pay if you were to move in, let's say, Ohio. Don't assume that you will get the same rates, as it what the insurer will bill you depends on a whole lot of factors like your age, the car being insured and your driving history.